The American diet mainly consist of unhealthy fats, animal products, carbohydrates, and the nemesis of health, processed sugar. Most people overly consume, dairy cheese, bread and crackers, potato chips, meat, and sugary desserts in the form of cake, cookies, ice cream etc. The American diet is full of calories, but no nutrients, it expands your waist, but doesn’t fill you up. Therefore, you keep eating, eating, and eating; and you continue to keep gaining, gaining, and gaining more weight.

Let’s not forget the temples of fast food which have been erected so that millions can enter each day to pay homage and worship. Fast food has probably contributed to more deaths than all the wars combined, yet people continue to trudge mindlessly to them as though they are chained by their power, and  have no ability to stop and no choice. The choice has been taken away from you by the addition of processed sugar, unhealthy fats, and dead carbohydrates contained in the fast food.  Fast food and overly processed food is formulated to make you addicted. You eat and never get full, you consume and are never nourished. People who are starving and people who are obese are both malnourished.

Hence pornography is similar. People who use pornography aren’t just looking for pleasure, they are looking for human connection. They are looking to be fulfilled from something that can never deliver. So, they look at the pictures or videos and hope that by consuming enough of it they will be satisfied. But, they aren’t satisfied, they just become addicted and miserable: and once addicted they no longer have the control over stopping. They may even forget they were looking for human love, connection, and relationships. Just as people who consume all the trash that is called food are looking for nourishment, nutrients, and satiation of hunger; but all they find is empty calories, weight gain, and disease. Why does the food industry make food that is so bad for people, food that stimulates disease and obesity: the answer is simple, it is for profit and monetary gain. It’s the same reason so much money is made from pornography, and the results are the same; the destruction of the human life and the human spirit.


  1. Try to only purchase food that is in its original form, it may or may not be organic, but stop eating food that is unrecognizable from the way it grows.
  2. Take the time to cook your own food. I know we are pressed for time, but there are ways around eating fast food. Chop your vegetables ahead of time. Buy vegetables pre-cut.
  3. Cook several meals at once and freeze them so you can defrost them later to be eaten.
  4. Find healthy alternatives to snacking, such as fruit, vegetables, real protein shakes,(not those filled with processed sugar).
  5. Educated yourself about what you are really eating: the calories, the sodium, the sugar, the additives. ( Re-educate yourself about what a healthy diet consist of )
  6. To avoid the temptation to use pornography, fight to build human relationships with real people. Remember that what you are looking at via the computer or telephone screen isn’t real; even if live people are there, there is no intimate, real connection with them. You are paying these people for their services and it is for their profit and at your loss. And you are losing much more than money.
  7. Also constantly strive to develop yourself, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that anyone else can do this for you. Find and participate in things that you are gifted in as well as things that bring pleasure in a positive way: this could be sports, music, art, more education for yourself. The list is endless.
  8. Take note

    that you have control over your own life, and if you don’t take control over what you eat, your personal relationships, and your choices in life; someone will make the choice for you.


At some point eating the flesh of an animal didn’t  seemed natural to me; especially when you consider animals have many of the same vital organs that humans have. I always wanted an alternative to eating meat, yet nothing in my life supported this choice, so for most of my adult life I ignored the feeling that there was another way to live and to eat.

In my early twenties I flirted with the idea of giving up meat. I told my mother, “I no longer eat meat.” She was almost horrified, and said, “Jo-Anne, you’d better eat some meat.” She said it with the tone of “if you don’t ,you are risking   not having good health.” I soon gave up this venture when I realized I was eating more bread and pasta than would be good for my waistline: this was the days before tofu, tofurkey, and meatless burgers.

When I married, my husband wasn’t obsessed with eating meat ,yet he didn’t understand any need to exclude it from our diets. He was from a country where having three meals a day was considered a blessing, meat or no meat. I gave him one of my many reasons for giving it up; one being the toxins in it. He said, “the chickens and cows in Nigeria are free range and are clean.” “Food is food, what matters is that you have something to eat.” It was all the same to him. Had I been a stronger person and more firm in my conviction to abstain from animal flesh, I could have overcome this small obstacle and simply ate the way I chose. This is the  difference between a conviction and a good idea. Had I been convicted, I would have stuck with it: with or without the support of my spouse.

The years passed, I gave birth to three children, and one of the midwives at my daughter’s birth was a vegetarian.  Unknown to her, I looked at her with envy, and said to myself, “I wish I could be like that. It seems like a great way to live.” I said this not understanding at the time that living without eating meat in a meat saturated society involves a change not only in what you prepare for dinner; but it involves a change of lifestyle. The years passed and one of my daughters, Uyime, became a vegetarian by circumstance. It seemed that whenever she ate meat, she had unbearably painful menstrual cramps. It didn’t matter if the meat was organic or non-organic: she couldn’t eat meat period. I looked at her with pity because she also couldn’t eat sugar without getting terrible headaches. So I began my  journey of buying the meat substitutes which had come on the scene and through much technological advances had become very tasty. I supported and sympathized with my daughter, but not enough to go on this journey with her; after all hadn’t I tried going meatless before and gave it up because I just couldn’t find enough to eat without being hungry.

Menopause came and went. I missed all those great hormones that kept my heart healthy, and regulated my thyroid and a ton of other functions. What I hated most about menopause was the fat that you gained in the places you didn’t know existed. My older sister who had stopped eating meat for years said to me over lunch, “Joan we weren’t meant to eat animals, they have the same hormones and body organs as we do.”  Somehow, I’d never looked at it that way, and I’d never cared either. However, I’d begun to crave sugar more than usual and I thought, “what can I do to stop eating all the sugar and cravings?” I read before and also knew that if I could give up meat, it would be easier to give up sugar: for some reason meat and sugar seemed to feed off each other. Maybe because they are opposites. Well, I knew what a horror story sugar is in the body, so I said I will do anything to stop eating it. Slowly and with great determination I looked at the last package of meat I’d bought and said, “when this finishes I’m finished with eating meat.”  It turned out to be so. I’ve had my hungry moments, and have heard stories of people who stopped being vegan and vegetarian to eat meat for various reasons. However, nothing has moved me to want to go back to eating meat. It’s taken me too long to arrive here.


  1. My stomach has begun to shrink and feel less bloated.
  2. Sinus congestion and inflammation has ceased.
  3. The cravings for sugar are becoming less, and as I thought, as I gave up the meat, the consumption of sugar has become less.
  4. The pains in my lower leg and the symptoms of gout are lessening and becoming non-existent.
  5. The pains in the bottom of the feet have ceased.
  6. Overall craving for foods that aren’t good for me have been curbed.