The Birth of Faith

This post is dedicated to all women who believe that God gave them the ability to bring their child into the world with the absence of drugs, technology, and other machinery that interferes with our God-given ability and working in our own bodies to give birth.


The Birth of Faith
She was born with a strength of character; I saw that from the moment I laid eyes on her. She had to be born strong, only God knew the things she would someday face. “What are you going to name her?”, the midwife asked while John held her in his arms. “Uyime Abasi,” he said. He looked at me with a mixture of awe and bewilderment. His face stated what his lips didn’t utter, “I can’t believe what just happened here, I just witnessed a miracle.”
I looked at the baby and asked him,” what does her name mean?” He said “it
means ‘will of God’”. I hid in my heart what her middle name would be long before I held her in my arms; even before she was conceived. God knew her before I did and He knew her middle name would be Gabriella. Gabriella…

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