My journey through the vaccine debate began when my oldest daughter was an infant. I was a young mother and believed everything I was told about immunizations being essential for good health. Yet when it was time for her immunizations, I felt apprehensive and sometimes even afraid. My fear stemmed from the fact that after every “shot” she received she would sleep for hours and develop extremely high fevers. I was told that this was a normal reaction to the vaccine. It was normal all right; it was the child’s body trying to fight off a toxic substance without going into  shock.

The first book I read that caused me to question the efficacy of vaccines was titled, ‘A Shot In The Dark’.  The book chronicled families whose children had either died or were crippled after receiving the DTP vaccine in toddlerhood. After reading this book I never felt the same about vaccines or disease again. My journey into the vaccine debate was only beginning.

I thought back to my first encounter with vaccines and how my youngest brother was an infant when he contracted a skin infection from touching the pus from a sore on my older brother’s arm from a vaccine my brother received. This was when the science of vaccines was relatively new, and my younger brother almost died from that skin infection. Roll the cameras forward a quarter of a century. I am a married woman; my next daughter is five years old. She goes to the doctor for her “booster” polio shot. For a week my daughter is unable to walk; my husband has to carry her around on his hip. For a time I thought she wouldn’t be able to walk again. I was floored by the guilt of allowing her to receive the immunization in the first place; I vowed she will never again be vaccinated with anything. The fight along the journey was still in its incubation period.

Yet another baby is born, and she was a miraculous birth, because she was born without my taking any anesthesia, spinals or anything. I boasted of my baby’s natural birth. I waited long past the time to take her to the doctor for a check up because I didn’t want them pedaling the vaccine drugs into her system. In  the doctor’s office, at the government level, and the school system, they all  sent the same message: if you want to protect your baby’s health, immunize her.( It is true ;if you want someone to believe a lie, speak it often and speak it loudly)

I succumbed to allowing the vaccine pushers to push two rounds of these “shots” into my toddler’s system. After the second round the child screamed so badly I said that’s it,, No child of mine will ever receive another “shot”, vaccine, immunization, or whatever you want to call it ever, ever again. And they never did. However, the vaccine proponents weren’t going to let me off the hook that easily.

I took my youngest daughter to the doctor because she suffered from eczema; she had a bad case of it. The doctor asked me, “Has she received all her immunizations?” I said,” No, we don’t believe in immunizations.” From the look on his face I might as well have said, we are taking her out back to sacrifice her. He became very arrogant and said, “Ok, if that’s how you feel.”When I pointed out her skin condition to him he said,”It’s there.” It took every ounce of restraint and Christianity that was in me to keep me from reaching across that man’ desk and slapping him. I later received a letter from the doctor’s office stating that in order to protect his other patients, he wouldn’t be able to treat my daughter. This was not the last doctor who would refuse to treat my children as a result of my stand against vaccines.

Jaynae was entering Middle School in 2001, and according to health officials she was due for her “booster” “shots”. This was the same child who couldn’t walk for a week after receiving a polio booster. School was about to open and she still wasn’t vaccinated. I received a love note from the principal telling me that if Jaynae wasn’t vaccinated by the time school opened, she would not be able to attend. I sent him a return love note stating: “Dear Principal: According to New York state law, I can claim exemption from receiving vaccines based upon my religious beliefs. I refuse vaccines for my daughter based upon my religious beliefs. If you have any further questions on the matter, I refer you and the  school district to my lawyer.”

The difference between living in a free society and a dictatorship is the ability to exercise your free will. Forced vaccinations takes free will  away from the citizen and puts it in the  hands of a tyrant. People may not be  being forced into vaccinating their children now, but they are certainly being coerced. The lie that is being put forth to the public is that vaccines are safe and effective; when neither is true.

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