The heart apart from being a major organ in the center of the chest, for the purposes of this article, refers to the seat of emotions and the innermost character.

God is deeply concerned about the condition of one’s heart because everything that we do, feel, and believe begins in the heart. The Bible says that we are to love God with all of our heart, soul, and mind. The list is all-inclusive. We are to love God with everything that we have within us; and this love must come from our hearts.

The word heart is mentioned in the Bible more than the word love. Yes, God is concerned about the condition of our hearts because our hearts makes us who we are. While man judges a person by the outward appearance, God looks inside at the heart.I Samuel 16:7.

It is the heart that motivates us,(Hebrews 4:12), it is the heart that convicts us,( of sin)(James 4:8), it is with the heart that we believe for salvation( Romans 10:10), it is our hearts that we must guard and protect (Proverbs 4:23).

Matthew 5:8 says, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” Those who trust in God have to regularly examine their hearts as to the motives, the thoughts, and the feelings. If the intents of our hearts don’t line up with purity and holiness, then we have to cleanse our hearts: and we cleanse our hearts by turning from what is wrong and seeking what is right according to God’s word.

God is so concerned about the heart because every sin that will ever be committed begins in the heart; and every act of mercy, gentleness and kindness begins there also.

I am convinced from experience that every time our heart is in pain Jesus feels it as well. This is how closely he is connected  to those who love him. It is impossible for a child of God to feel pain and Jesus not feel it too. This is why Jesus is the healer of our hearts. Never be afraid to trust Jesus to heal your heart. Psalm 34:18 says that, “The Lord is near to those of a broken heart;….”

If you want to know where Jesus is, if you feel that for some reason he is distant and you can’t find him; find someone with a broken heart and go minister to them. You will find Jesus in the very midst of those who are broken and forsaken.

Many people are going through a mere motion of life. They go through the motion of being parents, they put on a good show of being a faithful spouse, they cover up the essence of who they truly are in jobs or professions. But even in all the pretense they can’t fool themselves and they certainly are not deceiving God. Someday we will all stand before God, and in spite of what has been portrayed to the world; God knows the motives of the heart and we will be judged by what is in our hearts; this is why God is so concerned about what goes on in our hearts.

“Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.”( Proverbs 4:23)


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