The Times Where I Belong

I try to imagine myself living at another time in history, I try to visualize myself on the world stage at another time. In spite of the fact that I am very comfortable living in this present age; I am certain had I lived at another time, I would still be exactly the kind of person I am now. For I know that the resolve to break down barriers, to take a stand in spite of the consequences, to be vocal about injustice would remain with me regardless of the times I happen to live.

The question is not do I belong in the time; the question should be does the time belong with me. Or am I in tune with the time? Whatever the time I would choose to live in, I would be persecuted for my beliefs and convictions. Whatever time I chose to live in I would be faced with difficult moral choices to make, and have to be willing to live with making those choices. I picture myself at the time that Jesus Christ lived, and realize that I would have been one of those who chose to follow him at great personal risk.

During the times of slavery, I would have been a slave fleeing the shackles of forced bondage or I would have been a conductor on the Underground Railroad trying to alleviate the suffering of my fellow countrymen. During the years of the Civil Rights Movement I would have been marching through the streets, roads, and highways of the segregated South, risking life and limb to help right an evil that had been imposed on unwitting citizens for decades after the Civil War.

No matter the times we live in, we all are eventually faced with choices and those choices reflect the legacy we want to leave behind long after we are gone. If we choose to live unto ourselves and only for ourselves, we only have ourselves to remember us. No matter what time we live in, we are confronted with how we view life; what is the most important thing about life: is it to seek pleasure and material gain or is it to enrich the life of someone less fortunate or blessed than ourselves. Is this life about what is temporary or is it about what is eternal? You answer, You choose.

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