Please Hide My Baby

Herod was ruler in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus’s birth, and he had heard that another king was coming who would be ruler of the Jews. Herod, being insecure, became fearful that the new king would take his power, so he inquired about who this king was, and where he was from. Since he didn’t know the identity of the king, only that he would be a ruler of the Jews and that he was newly born; he sent out orders to have all male children two years old and under slaughtered. I wonder what did the soldiers who carried out this order think and feel about a ruler who could be so baseless. What kind of moral compass did these soldiers have that enabled them to carry out such an order. Where was their conscience and sense of decency. Perhaps they were so fearful of the consequences of not obeying evil that they succumbed to it.
The Bible says in Matthew that Joseph being warned in a dream of what was going to happen, took Jesus and Mary and fled to Egypt and there they stayed until “the one who sought the child’s life” was dead.
In another instance, a Pharoah who was also evil and insecure, ordered the slaughter of all male Hebrew children by drowning them in the river. Well, one set of parents refused to allow their child to be drowned; but instead hid him, and when they could no longer hide him, they put him in a little basket and placed it in the river; hoping this would save him. When the king’s sister found the basket and took the child as her own, the water that killed the other children became the water that saved the baby Moses. Moses had been placed in the water in Egypt in faith.
Sometimes when we belong to God and in our walk with him; there are those around us who seek to take our lives. Many times this evil desire is rooted in jealousy and fear, and though they may not literally try to kill us, the effort to destroy us in some way is very real. Maybe it is our reputation or our influence or a ministry in which God has called us to do, which perhaps they feel they should be doing. Nevertheless, they seek your life out of fear and their own insecurities.
Some people may question why do many Christian people simply give up on being in church, why do so many Christians seem content to remain on the outskirts of what is known as “organized religion”. It was religious people who crucified Jesus Christ and they did it in the name of honoring God. Yet, I believe Jesus takes residence in the hearts of the spiritual and not that of the religious. God’s word says in Romans 8:15, that as many who are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. The Holy Spirit led Jesus to places where the religious said he should not go. He ate among tax collectors and sinners. He healed the lepers when no one else would touch them, he even had the temerity to heal a blind man on the Sabbath.
Often people who walk with God have a call on their lives that if prematurely known causes others to be jealous, and this motivates the envious ones to seek the person’s life. This was the case with Joseph; this was why his brothers threw him in a pit. Joseph was taken to Egypt and served as a slave for years before God elevated him to a place of prominence beside Pharoah. Egypt represents a type of the world,( a place that the Christian would say, for those who are not saved reside). The “world” is not as much a physical place, as it is a spiritual place. The world is characterized by being separated from God, being alienated from relationship with God, and not knowing God. (One can be sitting in church all one’s life and be in this condition.) Yet those Christians who take refuge in the world are not separated from God; they are separated from the ones who seek to kill them.
Joseph,(Jesus’s earthly father), was led by the Spirit through an angel speaking to him in a dream, to take Jesus and his mother to Egypt to escape a jealous and insecure king. Sometimes as Christians who are on a journey, we have to flee to Egypt to escape the wrath of the religious. Christians who know us from afar may look and wonder, why is that person going there? Why are they surrounding themselves by the unsaved or why did they go into the world? It seems that this Christian is being disobedient or rebellious, however; sometimes conditions in the church are worse than those in the world. (Which is a sad statement on the condition of some churches)
Eventually, Joseph and Mary were able to return to Israel to raise their son, but they still had to be careful because they couldn’t go back to the village they came from; they had to reside in Nazareth. There may have even been a soldier or two who wondered, if this child is a particular age, how did he escape the slaughter?
The church sometimes isn’t a comfortable place for the spiritual; and sometimes it can be dangerous. I am sure there are some who may disagree with that statement; but then they probably are the religious persecutors. I believe there will come a time when the church will be what Jesus Christ founded it to be. The church Jesus is looking for will be pure and it won’t be contaminated with the sin of jealousy and envy. This is the church that he is coming back for. It may not be in a particular building; but it is a strong church just the same. There will come a time when Christians won’t have to escape to the world for comfort or for fear of being killed because of their stand. Jesus will come and make everything right, he alone will rule and nothing will change that. I look for that day, I pray for that day.

The Times Where I Belong

I try to imagine myself living at another time in history, I try to visualize myself on the world stage at another time. In spite of the fact that I am very comfortable living in this present age; I am certain had I lived at another time, I would still be exactly the kind of person I am now. For I know that the resolve to break down barriers, to take a stand in spite of the consequences, to be vocal about injustice would remain with me regardless of the times I happen to live.

The question is not do I belong in the time; the question should be does the time belong with me. Or am I in tune with the time? Whatever the time I would choose to live in, I would be persecuted for my beliefs and convictions. Whatever time I chose to live in I would be faced with difficult moral choices to make, and have to be willing to live with making those choices. I picture myself at the time that Jesus Christ lived, and realize that I would have been one of those who chose to follow him at great personal risk.

During the times of slavery, I would have been a slave fleeing the shackles of forced bondage or I would have been a conductor on the Underground Railroad trying to alleviate the suffering of my fellow countrymen. During the years of the Civil Rights Movement I would have been marching through the streets, roads, and highways of the segregated South, risking life and limb to help right an evil that had been imposed on unwitting citizens for decades after the Civil War.

No matter the times we live in, we all are eventually faced with choices and those choices reflect the legacy we want to leave behind long after we are gone. If we choose to live unto ourselves and only for ourselves, we only have ourselves to remember us. No matter what time we live in, we are confronted with how we view life; what is the most important thing about life: is it to seek pleasure and material gain or is it to enrich the life of someone less fortunate or blessed than ourselves. Is this life about what is temporary or is it about what is eternal? You answer, You choose.

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