The Birth of Faith

The Birth of Faith
She was born with a strength of character; I saw that from the moment I laid eyes on her. She had to be born strong, only God knew the things she would someday face. “What are you going to name her?”, the midwife asked while John held her in his arms. “Uyime Abasi,” he said. He looked at me with a mixture of awe and bewilderment. His face stated what his lips didn’t utter, “I can’t believe what just happened here, I just witnessed a miracle.”
I looked at the baby and asked him,” what does her name mean?” He said “it
means ‘will of God’”. I hid in my heart what her middle name would be long before I held her in my arms; even before she was conceived. God knew her before I did and He knew her middle name would be Gabriella. Gabriella means
‘God is my strength.’
I had prayed for nine months for the faith to have my baby at home. This had been nine months of reading everything I could get my hands on about natural
child birth. There was to be no Cesarean for me; no not this time. God would come through for me; I had to believe this. There were to be no doctors or drugs or anesthesia; this child had to be different.
I read Born In Zion; a book that told story after story of women who gave birth
to children in spite of what the experts told them they couldn’t do. I read about the miracles that happened when a woman stood by her faith and refused to be swayed by the words of naysayers. I read on. I read and as I read I came to believe, yes maybe this can happen for me too.
I walked in faith, I exercised my faith by remaining active, doing my kegels, walking and taking all my vitamins. I drank my protein not once but twice a day.
Then I prayed some more; “Lord give me the faith.”
I went for a doctor’s visit the last day of my last trimester. I had to, you know, just in case. The doctor, a woman, told me that day; “your womb is completely closed.” I surmised this meant that there is no hope it will open
enough for you to give birth naturally. I got up from the examining table and turned to John and asked him, “Are we going to have this baby at home or not?” I only recalled his staring at me. I then said, “if we are having the child at
home, then what are we doing here?” We left the hospital that day, never to return, not for her birth; for I then knew that I had begun the true test of my faith in God.

Two hours later I went into labor, but just before ,I had read the story of Abraham and how God had told him to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac upon the altar. Abraham had waited 25 years for this child and now he had to wonder what God was thinking in asking him to offer him as a sacrifice. Yet even in his wondering, Abraham had an unshakeable faith; because he believed that even if he killed his son, that God would raise him up from the dead: for Isaac was the promised child. Just as Abraham was about to take the knife and slit Isaac’s throat, an angel appeared to him and told him not to harm the child. Instead of offering Isaac, God provided a ram in the bushes and told him to sacrifice it instead. God gave Abraham the faith he needed when he needed it. Thus I received the faith to have the baby at home when I went into labor, because that was when I needed it.

“But women will be saved through childbearing, assuming they continue to live in faith, love, holiness, and modesty.” I Timothy 2:15

If you are considering a home birth:

  • Get a physical to make sure you have no underlying health problems
  • Seek the services of a qualified mid-wife
  • Pray and seek God about your decision to give birth at home. (the medical culture in this country rarely supports your choice for home birth); this is why faith in God and knowing his will is at the center of giving birth at home.
  • Do not attempt to do a home birth without the unwavering support of your husband.