Show, don’t Tell: a Simple Guide

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The rule is drilled into all of us. We’re not to tell, we’re to show. I was discussing writing rules with MMJaye the other day, and I thought our conversation would interest the rest of you as well.

As anyone who has written even a few words knows, there are many different ways of saying the same thing. Consider the following example:

I met John.

No details, just a simple statement. Telling at its most basic. If we wanted to show our relationship, we could have said:

I met my enemy, John.

Now, let’s embellish that a bit, in the simplest way possible:

I greeted my enemy, John.

Simply by changing the verb, we have created a more descriptive, yet equally simple, phrase. So far, we’re still telling, though. To show, we would need to add some detail:

I shook John’s hand. Hard.

A bit awkward, but we’re moving in the…

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Engagement Ring Etiquette | Who Keeps the Ring After the Breakup?

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Engagement Ring Etiquette | Engagement Ring Etiquette After Breakup


What do you do with an engagement ring after you breakup and call off the wedding? 

Spitfire Sarah breaks off her engagement with her fiancé and now she’s left wondering: What’s the proper engagement ring etiquette for who keeps the ring after thebreakup? Should females be expected to give back the engagement ring to the male after the wedding is cancelled? Or should the dude let the woman keep the ring, because he’s that nice of a guy?

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Engagement Ring Etiquette | Engagement Ring Etiquette After a Breakup

Engagement ring etiquette after the breakup is a pretty deep rabbit hole when you think about it. Is it okay to go pawn the ring for some cold hard cash? Or what about just hanging…

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Spiritual Responsibilities of Men and Women in Church (1 Timothy 2)

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1 Tim current seriesWelcome back to our study of 1 Timothy. Today, we will be looking at chapter 2, where Paul gives instructions for public worship, emphasizing the importance of prayer and order in church meetings.

“Everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way” (1 Cor. 14:40) is a basic principle for the conduct of the ministry of the church. Apparently, young Timothy was having some problems applying this principle to the assemblies in Ephesus. The public worship services were losing their order and effectiveness because both the men and the women members of the church were disobeying God’s Word.

“The church is an organism,” a pastor told me, “so we shouldn’t put too much emphasis on organization. We should allow the Spirit to have freedom.”

“But if an organism is disorganized,” I quickly reminded him, “it will die. Yes, I agree we must permit the Spirit to…

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A Quick Update

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I know that it’s been a long time since I’ve written, so I figured a quick update was in order.

Let’s see…first of all, I FINALLY got my car back. The first time it went to the shop with a busted radiator and warped head (gasket? The top part of the motor, anyway). I got the car back and the very next day I was stranded on the side of the road again. This time, it was a broken crank shaft. When I got the car back earlier this month I was scared to death that it was going to break down again. I was even scared to go above 60 mph. The other day, however, I had a lot of running around to do, and was all over this city. Now I have a renewed faith that my car really is fixed. I still have to take it to…

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How To Stand When Everything Else Is Falling

There is a famous quote that says, “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” I agree with that statement. It is becoming increasingly
harder to stand for anything that is absolute; which brings us to the question, what does it mean to stand?
First you must establish the premise, where does absolute truth come from, is there such a thing as absolute truth? If you believe there is a God, and that he is the one who establishes truth, then you can surmise that truth begins with God.
When Jesus stood before Pilate and proclaimed that he (Jesus) was the truth, Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” Pilate didn’t get it that the truth was staring him in the face.
The reason that establishing what is true is so important is because people throughout history have stood for things that were a lie. It is a terrible thing to be on the wrong side of a debate; especially when it is a matter of life and death: a matter of war or peace,immediate reward or your
eternal soul.
From the Bible, in the book of Daniel, there were three Hebrews who took a stand even when their lives were threatened. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abenego had a faith in God that was unwavering. I think they must have had an incredible love for God also. When the king gave them a chance to renounce their faith and save their lives, they refused.
The Hebrews said, Our God is able to deliver us, but if he doesn’t, we still won’t bow to your image. They were fully committed to God. and proclaimed ; we bow our knees to no one but God.
Ephesians 6:13 says,”Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand in the evil day, and having done all to stand, 14) Stand therefore having your loins girt about with truth…
Truth is the premise for a Christian’s stand: if we stand for something that isn’t true, we will answer to God for it. And Jesus has called us to truth.
So in  reference to standing, the debates that are now raging throughout the world and the United States in particular ,such as abortion, same-sex marriage, abstaining from sexual relations until marriage will not be resolved by human wisdom or knowledge. If it is left to human beings to decide a moral issue, it will never be resolved. People by nature want to do what sounds or feels good; human flesh never wants to take the difficult path. But God has given us a guide that shows how to stand and keep our integrity in the process.
To be continued…


There is nothing more searing and damaging to one’s psyche than emotional abuse.
Where physical scars and pain are visible and treatable with pills or topical medicines, emotional abuse leaves one searching for a solution. In emotional abuse someone is always looking for something to apply to the soul to cure the pain.
I Samuel 16:7 says, “The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” People who suffer emotional trauma can look very well on the outside,from what is visible; yet inside they can be slowly deteriorating. Drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual promiscuity, ceaseless partying can be signs of a person suffering from emotional pain. As destructive as these behaviors can be, to someone in emotional pain, the behavior is reasonable.

My father died when I was  three years old. My mother was left with eight children to raise alone and while she parented me in the best way she knew, she was overwhelmed with the responsibility of daily survival and overcoming her own grief and emotional issues.I was never hugged or kissed affectionately as a child. I was barely talked to either. I remember having this yearning to want someone to pay attention to me, but everyone seemed too busy. While my physical needs of clothing, shelter, food and safety were met most of the time; the emotional void in my life was never filled.

Coupled with my family situation, I grew up in the segregated South of the 1960′s where the forces of racism and legal segregation of the races was the law. As a child of five, I was placed in the center of trying to remove these laws when my mother placed me in a school where only five other Black children attended. Some people might say that putting a five-year old child in the middle of something like this was child abuse in itself: well not really, segregation was damaging enough to a child and children suffered the most from unjust laws. My parents and other parents reasoning was, the children were not going to have a fair chance in life with segregation in place, so they (the children) were the best ones suited to defy the unjust laws. Besides, if adults attempted to do so in many instances they were maimed or killed. Not that many adults didn’t fight in their own way by peaceful protest, attempting to register to vote, and joining organizations in which if found out, they could be fired, beaten or killed. Children had to grow up early in the segregated South, no one stayed young for long, All this is another story in itself in which I will tell later.

I entered a marriage that even though it began with love, ended with severe emotional, verbal, and physical abuse. The more I reached out to love my then husband, the more he rejected and ignored me. Just as in childhood, as the marriage wore on, my husband never hugged me, never kissed me affectionately, and never really talked to me either. I think in 24 years he may have kissed me with any real meaning, maybe once: And that was at the beginning of the marriage. Even in marriage, having sex with someone who you have no emotional ties with feels like being raped: and toward the end,that is what intercourse with him felt like.

Time and space will not permit me to list all the things I suffered in various churches; which is another form of emotional abuse. Yet it is a story that will someday be told. It will be told for the countless number of people who can not name what they are going through and may not even know they are in the middle of it. For years I didn’t know that I was being abused. I took it as business as usual: I didn’t know anything else. But God is gracious, and Jesus himself has given me more love and acceptance than any human being ever could. This is why I love Him; my story continues.